Telegram Group Member Adder 2022

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Telegram Group Member adder Software

Latest Telegram Marketing software of 2022. with the help of this Telegram marketing Software, you can grow your business through Telegram. The name itself says that this is Telegram Member Adder Software which means it is for Telegram groups not for channels. Difference Between Telegram Channel and Telegram Group with more Details

with the help of this Telegram Targeted group members add software you can boost your business. for example, you want to make a crypto or trading-related groups and you want to add only those peoples who are interested in trading-related staff. You also know the competitor/target group where peoples are good and active so now you wish to move those members from your target competitors group to your Own group then you can do that easily with the help of our latest telegram group member adder software called Flash Adder Tool.

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Telegram Member adder Software Features

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  • Software Name: Flash Adder
  • Released Date : 3 April 2021
  • Recently updated: 12th Sep 2022
  • Latest Version: 1.6v
  • Price: 125$  / 100$ a Lifetime with free Upcoming Updates and Support
  1. Latest working tool of 2022 with Safe and Fast Adding Modes
  2. Easy to Install and use – (If you want us to do remotely installation then also we do it and it is free)
  3. GUI Mode – Graphical user interface
  4. Easy Configuration
  5. Login unlimited Number – You can login Unlimited Telegram accounts without software there are no limitations for login
  6. No need for Telegram Account API HASH and API ID ❌
  7. Just Enter the Number and OTP of that Account ✔
  8. Spam checker – there is a spam checking option to check whether your accounts are restricted or not by one click
  9. Ban Filter – if in case any of the accounts get banned then you simply run the ban filter option it’ll filter the banned numbers automatically with a single click
  10. ScrapMembers from public Groups
  11. Scrap Members From Private Groups
  12. Scrap 24 Hours Active Members
  13. Scrap Within week Active Members
  14. Scrap within Month Active Members
  15. Add Members to your group
  16. Need only Groups links for members scraping and members adding
  17. Accounts Rotation – It Auto switches To the Next accounts and adds members
  18. Delete Already Added Members – You can delete already added members so when you run it again you can add only members who are not added to your group.

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